Vision & Mission


To succeed in the industry, introducing the overall information system to enhance their competitiveness

We uphold the four values of the China Steel Corporation, the "Teamwork, Entrepreneurial approach, Down-to-earthiness, Pursuit of innovation" and adding "speed" element to engage ourselves actively in the information field, integrating the management with the systems, and incorporating the latest information technology in the system to provide customers with the mainstream overall solution, and never out of date.

Commitment and vision

Helping enterprises make the maximum simplification of
management mode, and the optimum effectiveness through Information technology

We join forces to help enterprise customers build the overall information system which is complete and consistent with the functional needs, and help customers overcome the arduous challenges from the daunting complexity of system. With the information technology basis and practical experience that were accumulated over the past thirty year or more, with nobody able to rival in the industry, coupled with our flexibility and vitality, we will enable enterprise customers be provided with the conditions of flexibility, responsiveness, focus and resilience after introducing the products of InfoCHAMP Systems Corporation, ensuring that their operations can advance with the times, built to last. Also upholding the abundant experience accumulated through the integration of production technology in the past, with the integration of the technologies related to the hardware and software of factory automation, we are capable to conceive the most advanced solutions for customers to enhance their industrial efficiencies.

The most reliable total solutions provider

In addition to the steel sector, InfoCHAMP Systems Corporation has established a professional team specialized in development of the comprehensive solutions for a new high tech / manufacturing industries, breaking new ground and becoming the most reliable total solution provider.