Service Group

With the quality as certified with CMMI Level4, the company's services team provides customers with technical support and information services on the overall information systems of enterprise, electronic commerce, information integration, intelligent automatic control and environmental quality monitoring and other solutions.

    The enterprise-wide Services team for Information Systems: providing the enterprise-information-system-related planning, establishment, technical consulting and other services

  • • Information Integration Services (SI): Integration for heterogeneous systems, which can support the information exchange and integration between the old and new systems of enterprise, and providing the integration services for automatic control, SCM, ERP, e-commerce and other systems.

  • • The enterprise-wide overall information system: Development of various information management systems and integration tools; Self-development of the enterprise-wide overall information system; providing the optimal solutions and overall planning services for enterprises.

  • • E-commerce: Integration of both supply chain management (SCM) and customer relationship management (CRM), helping to import digital transactions systems between upstream and downstream so as to make precise management for the market supply and demand to reduce the costs of information processing and exchange, and provide the basis of inter-enterprise e-commerce.

  • • Information Product Agent (including the sales of both software and hardware products): Agent for information-related products at home and abroad.

  • • Planning for the enterprise-wide machine room and network: supporting the scale of enterprise information systems, assisting in the planning for the machine room, network infrastructure, management for hardware and software of systems and database and other services.

  • • Project Management Services: Providing the consulting services on software's Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).

  • • integration of IT system's platform, technology consulting and software OEM services and others.

    Intelligent automatic control engineering services team: providing the establishment services on intelligent automatic control engineering and environmental quality monitoring system

  • • Intelligent automatic Control Engineering: For the intelligent automated production process, it is committed to process improvement and helping the establish of a monitoring system, and providing the technical support and information services for solutions such as intelligent automation control for processing equipments, intelligent transport monitoring applications, so as to enhance production efficiency and to strengthen enterprise competitiveness.

  • • Environmental quality monitoring equipment (VOC): It obtained the transfer and authorization for the patent technology of the environmental monitoring equipment for "factory's volatile organic compounds" (called VOC for short ) from the corporate industrial technology research institute, and inherited the relevant experiences of environmental quality monitoring field from China Steel Corporation, and it can also provide the establishment, operation, improvement, improvement and maintenance of the factory buildings' and equipments' environmental quality monitoring system.