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"InfoChamp Systems Corporation" website ( hereby formulates privacy protection policies on InfoChamp Systems Corporation website in order to respect and protect your online privacy in access to website of InfoChamp Systems Corporation. Based on the following statements, a description is made to the ways, scopes, utilization methods, inquiry or revision modes and other issues of collecting individual data of the users on relevant websites of InfoChamp Systems website.  

  1. This website will safeguard your safety of individual data with rational technology and procedure as much as possible. In principle, the users are not required to input individual data when entering this website, such as names or e-mail addresses; unless otherwise expressly informed, this website will never acquire such individual data of innocent users.
  2. InfoChamp Systems Corporation website acquires individual data only for internal use in accordance with intended purposes and scopes, unless prior clarified, or pursuant to legal provisions concerned, otherwise InfoChamp Systems Corporation website will neither disclose such information of users to third parties nor be used for other purposes.
  3. Cookie refers to a copy of data stored in user's hard disk, including relevant data of the user. The data is used by Cookie absolutely irrelevant with any individual data of identity in the website. When the user closes the brower, cookie will also be closed. Supposing cookie is refused, the user may not be able to use a certain services in the website.
  4. InfoChamp Systems Corporation website will revise the Policies in compliance with government proceedings or relevant regulations and environment changes.