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Product Feature

In recent years, coating operation is widely applied in social each profession and the domain because its capabilities to enhance physical properties, isolate external corrosion, increase service life etc. after applied to various kinds of components or steels besides its previously beautification function. China Steel Group currently applied coating thickness measurement technology has been adopted in a variety of coating production lines involved insulation coating, fingerprint resistant, passivation coating, anti-rust oil coating etc. for controlling coating thickness on site and raising quality control efficiency. The System introduces the coating thickness gauge through infrared ray or X-Ray penetration coordinated with mechanism design and control to scan coils in rolling through multiple moves, thereby collecting coating data of rolled coils and cooperating with relevant software to obtain the real time display for analysis. In addition to display scan results in real time, it will interpret coating data of rolled coils with very understandable graphical user interface for distinguishing distribution of rolled coils coating.

Derivational problems due to inaccurate coating thickness:

  • Coating Cost
Slightly thick coating or failing, cost of idleness
  • Process Control
Delay feedback, and unable to optimize coating thickness adjustment.
  • Product Quality
Too thick, shedding occurs in downstream processing
Too thin, sheet steels gather rust easily.

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