Path: Automatic Control Systems ServiceSolutions 

InfoChamp Company can provide different solutions to meet the needs of different types of public transport:
Foreground system: consistent-transaction data can be provided from the first line ticket checking machine (BV), ticket card processor (PAM), ticket inspection machine (TVD), scene station processing system (DPS) and the central processing system (CPS). It can provide the required statements for auditing, and equipped with functions such as small amount consumption, bonus points to expand the use of ticket card.
Performance: the automatic fare collection system for buses in Kaohsiung City, passenger automatic fare collection system in Kaohsiung County, the automatic fare collection system for buses in Kaohsiung Tainan, Family-Mart value-added system, college student card service system
Background system: settlement function; after the cooperation with the foreground system, it can complete the reconciliation with different employers.
Performance: Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation

Based on you demand for e-ticket system, and after the site inspection, we will provide our recommendations and planning.

Carry out assessment test after the discussion with you on the demand to improve the correctness of design and planning, thus enhancing the system stability, reliability and operability.

If you are interested in the automatic toll collection system, please contact InfoChamp or its partners, we will provide suggested solutions according to your needs.