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The detection methods of the equipment follow the detection methods of organics concentration monitoring system announcement such as THC, NMHC provided by the existing environmental regulations, with the quantitative and qualitative measurement of some hydrocarbon composition gas concentration. The measurement function depends on the framework of GC gas chromatography and institute development, and has obtained domestic patens.

The precision multi-selector of this equipment can allow a GC to conduct automatic simultaneous sampling for analysis. This function can significantly reduce the process cost of the measurement of more than two points. The excessive measurement points can be installed in various workplaces to understand the VOC gas concentration distribution of specific operating points as the reference for industrial safety.

Under the circumstance of gradually strict environmental regulations, besides being consistent with the standard detection methods announced by the EPA, the use of this system can further clarify the control gas concentrations emitted by the process. Meanwhile, the VOC handling efficiency of the pollution treatment equipment can be tested. For the inspection of environmental protection authority, the investment waste of incompliant processing equipment installation can be avoided.

Flue Exhaust VOC Automatic Detection System Architecture Diagram

The solution of the system can achieve the following functions:

  1. Quantify and qualify the VOC compounds as the basis of VOC control and air pollution fee levied.
  2. Measure THC and CH4 simultaneously, and CH4 can be deducted from THC. To some equipment with the vent may produce methane or burning furnace with natural gas as the fuel, it can assist to improve processing efficiency and reduce THC emission value in the vent.
  3. The flow of the system through FID sense is 1-2c.c per minute, which can significantly reduce the change of FID contamination, and also improve the accuracy, reduce FID maintenance frequency and costs.
  4. GC analysis program can set a number of inspection and measurement lines for very high or very low concentration gas; cooperated with RANGE to choose the automatic switching function, let the monitoring value falls within the range of accurate calibration curve, thereby providing more accurate measurement values.
  5. It can simultaneously measure the VOC concentration value in the equipment exit and entrance; by comparison, it can help the employer understand the equipment's VOC processing equipment, to further assist the processing equipment improvement and reduce the time of failure diagnosis.
  6. The instrument has OVEN and FID temperature control; fully heat the sample gas and send to FID for analysis to achieve the signal stability and not prone to the physical interference of process discharge piping.
  7. With electronic automatic flame sensing function; once the FID switches off, alert can be immediately emitted.
  8. The equipment host is a local made product, which can save expensive maintenance cost and shorten the time of repair.
  9. In addition to the standard functional equipment, the system can also extend functions and provide process as well as other computer software and hardware services.