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The energy cost of the general operation in the steel plant accounts for about 20% of the total product cost. The effective use and energy conservation measures constitute an important indicator of the steel plant operating performance. Especially at the time of energy conservation and carbon reduction, to enhance the market competitiveness of the world's steel plants, the reduction of energy cost is an important management project, of which the key point is the completion of energy scheduling center UDC to achieve energy optimal scheduling operation and rationalize the steel plant internal energy.

InfoChamp energy scheduling real-time database system can collect the real-time data of all plants, including the energy-related output, consumption, equipment production plan scheduling and equipment real-time operation status, etc. The real-time database must provide sufficient number of data and sampling frequency, and conduct classified storage according to different properties, thereby defining the relevance of various databases, such as the information of energy material flow, nature, workshop, production and marketing of water, electricity, oil and gas.

The system is easy to operate and elastically used. Energy scheduling personnel can determine the required presentation of the required data. Then find out the best scheduling direction or rule through a number of data evidences. Plan the best energy scheduling plan of this system through Application Server, Real-Time Data Base Server, and can determine the optimal energy scheduling as the guidance for the relevant personnel to conduct real-time scheduling.