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InfoChamp Information intelligent monitoring system group is committed to the development of automation and detection system development, for a. development of product quality detection system, b. process monitoring and equipment monitoring, diagnostic system hardware and software development, c. equipment diagnosis and control technology development, d. the establishment of advanced equipment R & D capabilities to provide comprehensive solution.

In terms of quality control testing system: in the process of steel process, holes, edge cracking and defects are difficult to avoid through high-temperature smelting, strong rolling. The high-speed high-precision optical image detection system uses machine vision as the detection standard technology to improve the traditional manpower detection via optical instrument. The application level includes the fields of high-tech industry R & D, manufacturing quality control, national defense, people's livelihood, health care, environmental protection, electric power, etc. Using the principle of dual-camera stereoscopic measurement, it has the merits of good anti-seismic, skew adaptability. By the use of qualitative and quantitative detection of steel strip background image, while getting the information of holes, edge cracking and width. Width measurement can not be used as the basis of quality management, but can also be used as the important operation information in edge cutting and annealing process.

Automated optical inspection is a common representation technique in the industrial process. It uses optical instruments to get the surface state of finished products and then detect the foreign objects by computer image processing technology or pattern abnormality. Because it is the non-contact inspection, semi-finished products can be checked in the middle engineering. High-precision optical image detection system include measurement lens technology, optical lighting technology, positioning measurement technology, electronic circuit testing technology, image processing technology and automation technology application, etc. Its development and application not only meets the needs of high-tech industry development, the technical can be expanded to the national defense and military industry level. The analysis of ordnance weapon manufacturing, night vision combat system, strategic terrain morphology, etc, is closely linked with this imaging technology.

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