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To enhance the operating efficiency and pursue production optimization, InfoChamp Information has planned/designed/produced process information system in the field of steel plant automation. The plant automation framework chart is as follows:

The part in red dotted frame in the above Fig. is the range of process information integration system.

Material Account Management System

Introduction of Slab Yard Management System

The operating range of this system centers the SYMC slab area, its range starts from the reception of SHF slab and basic slab data and conduct storage planning according to the information of this slab, and ends in the slab data summarization to ERP computer after slab conveying to HSM rolling or sent to other plant by the lane.

In the following five cases, the slab will enter SYMC yard

In the following three cases, the slab will leave SYMC field area

When the slab enters or level SYMC yard by the above process, or any slab data has abnormality (such as adding, deletion or slab storage change, etc), SYMC programmed computer will provide the plant crane driver or control room operation the detailed and correct yard, storage space information so as for them to timely understand the site condition and improve production efficiency.

Cold-rolled Steel Coil Yard Management System

As PLTCM belongs to the continuous pickling cum cold rolled production line, so the production line has the flexible yard scheduling functions to avoid the impact of unsmooth feeding or discharging. Meanwhile, to accelerate the automation process and reduce labor cost, the two sets of programmed computer system, namely, PLTCM front yard (NE-Yard) and rear storage (ND-Yard) have been established. In addition the crane positioning system has been applied, which sends the crane coordinates to the yard computer through TCP/IP, and thus assist the crane driver to reach the lifting point at the fastest speed, while it can also prevent the crane driver to lift the wrong steel coils.

Introduction of Three-dimensional Storage Computer System

The operating range of the computer system centers the elevated steel coil storage system (VACSS), inspection line (INL) and packaging line in the cold-rolling yard. It connects to the upstream and downstream computers and the scene instrument power equipment respectively, to timely collect a variety of related information and online signal to conduct the steel coil logistics control of the VACSS, so as for the real-time control of the various functions of the inspection line and packaging line.

According to the relevant information and online signal, the computer system carries out real-time data processing and synchronized update of the current yard and position using status. It conducts tracking management of the steel coils in and out of the VACSS. The site operator can quickly understand the current situation of the yard of the VACSS to carry out effective load management of steel coil in the yard, thereby increasing the production efficiency.

Yard Management Function
The computer system carries out management and tracking on the steel coil entering and exiting the VACSS.

Steel coil tracking screen can provide graphical visualization man-machine interface to help users quickly understand the status of storage space in the VACSS and steel coil tracking information.

Hot-rolling SPC System

Hot-rolled SPC system functions:

  1. Process data online function
  2. Rolling process data special treatment
  3. Rolling process data quality control automatic judgment
  4. Rolling process data statistical analysis
  5. Man-machine interface and process statistical interface query