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In May 2003, Infochamp Systems Corporation introduced the most credible evaluation system CMMI internationally, and obtained the certification of CMMI Level 2 after one year. With continuing on improvements, it obtained the certification of CMMI Level 3 in 2006 and obtained the certification of CMMI Level 4 in 2009 again. Through the introduction of CMMI system, Infochamp Systems Corporation had taken the lead in terms of the quality control among numerous information services providers, especially at the same time; it obtained the admission qualification in the arena of international competition. Through the changes in the system and process of management plus the implementation of the specialization of work as well as the monitoring of milestone, Infochamp Systems Corporation has enhanced the speed of software development and improve the product quality and make the precise control of project progress.

The technical team is the pride of the company. In addition to the senior technical services group, software, the R & D group of software and the third-party providers of the software and hardware of system, the diversified investment businesses of China Steel Corporation has trained many professionals in various fields, and provided InfoChamp Systems Corporation with valuable domain know-how in the courses of business process reengineering or introduction of enterprise information systems in all areas, that is unique to the Company and the foundation of business continuity, and that is also the maximum guarantee to provide quality services for customer enterprise management consulting and information systems development.

In the course of the manufacturing process automation, it is inevitable that the automatic control technology should be used. We provide a full functionality of integration for professional technical consulting, automation, enterprise resource planning and value chain and others, suitable for overall system architectures of all kinds of manufacturing industries, achieving the effectiveness of "one-stop shop" , and that enable customers not need to contract out the program control system respectively, without wasting time for coordination and integration.

InfoChamp Systems Corporation adopted the open type platforms accepted by the industry by taking JAVA and. NET as the principal technologies, so as to take advantage of the strong points of both the platforms, in this way, it not only covers the individual needs of customers, but also enable the platforms be built on different operating systems and servers, both maintaining the existing investment of customer, and also extending the future usability, as a result, enhancing investment returns.

Even those world-class ERP software can not guarantee themselves fully applicable to any business, the needs of different customization is inevitable. Compared to the proportion of highly emboitement from other competitors and the high costs customization, in order to overcome such difficulties, InfoChamp Systems Corporation made the semi-finished products in particular from the shared portions, and then incorporate the special needs of each enterprise in the semi-finished products of existing system in accordance with the requirements of individual customers. It not only shortens a long time for the tailored-made, but also receives the customized results, leaving the applicability of the system reach the highest, and bringing about the maximum benefit for the enterprise.