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Why are knowledge management and E-learning necessary?

Peter Drucker has predicted in 1965: "The traditional factors of production - land, labor, and capital - are becoming restraints rather than driving forces. Knowledge is becoming the one critical factor of production"; Thoreau, a trend expert, has also asserted the most valuable enterprises in 21st century are knowledge-based ones. How to further make information and knowledge in the organization play a role of innovation and feedback by means of acquisition, creation, sharing, integration, record, access and update will be closely related to "profit capability" , "organizational competitiveness" and "member's ability" in modern enterprises, becoming an essential subject.

On the other hand, when the importance of knowledge management is stressed continuously, the enterprises inside face contradiction of "knowledge shortage" . In contrast to information explosion and overloading tendency, much knowledge is existent in the form of individual knowledge or knowledge island, causing severe waste of resources, and accumulation and contribution are unavailable to sustainable development of the organization; therefore, effective establishment of knowledge management mechanism, besides provision of specific platforms and tools, is of reckoned significance to soft culture reconstruction which is impalpable and invisible.

Characteristics and Benefits
Knowledge management and E-learning developed by InfoChamp Systems Corporation, besides focus on the provision of tools and platforms, appeals more to promotion of knowledge management concept into daily management; knowledge management in the enterprise is combined to propel the organization towards reconstruction of overall public morals available; in terms of problems the enterprises have encountered in knowledge definition, retrieval, storage, sharing, utilization, innovation and other aspects, optimum combination of information technology as well as system design is sought for fundamental solutions.

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