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When to need? Why?

After the operation process is stable, the enterprise commits to increasing its profits; however, in global market environment under fierce competition, revenue changes will more depend on market factors, which cannot be predicted and controlled by the enterprises themselves. Therefore, the key to competition lies in how to reduce the operating cost, and at this time, eMOS is the preferential solution for enterprises.
eMOS is intended to maintain, at minimum management cost, each function and precision of fixed assets, and improve operating performance of all equipment, so as to create maximum profits for the enterprises with the highest effective performance of production equipment.

eMOS Characteristics and Benefits
eMOS is an equipment management solution with elastic combination capability applicable to most of industries.
Based on the understanding of client's use cases, eMOS can satisfy combined enterprise-exclusive demand functions: selectable to be used for management objects, such as production equipment, public and auxiliary facilities, transport equipment, measuring equipment, special equipment, house building or components; selectable to utilize inspection, maintenance, overhaul, verification and other management functions, or selectable to be integrated with inventory, procurement and accounting functions.

eMOS benefits are indicated below:

What functions are provided by eMos to assist the enterprises in equipment management?
Unlike other solutions in the market, eMOS provides you with elastically-combined equipment maintenance management process suitable for your enterprise, including:

Customer Cases