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When to need? Why?

Nowadays, capacity expansion surpasses the demand growth, with increasingly fierce market competition, steel industry has gradually entered the times of so-called "Meager Profit" , flourishing market lasted for the past few years will never return. Steel enterprises are facing tremendous pressures from product sales and production cost:

For the purpose of satisfaction of customer demands and decrease of production cost, the execution of information-based production & marketing integration management is an indispensable means.

i-SEED Characteristics and Benefits
i-SEED includes universal production & marketing management functions applicable to all steel works, including three fields of marketing, quality and production, with the following characteristics:

Functions of i-SEED software products cover main line operations on production & marketing of steel works, with complete information application function from marketing, quality to production and delivery available; on the basis of existing ERP, MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and PCS (Process Control System) from customers, an integrated information management environment is configured to assist the customer to improve the management capability of integrated production & marketing, establish market-oriented operational conditions and promote elaborate management, in addition to enhanced market competitiveness and decreased production cost!

What functions are provided by i-SEED to assist the enterprise in management?

Customer Cases
i-SEED "Integrated and Strengthened Management Solution of Production & Marketing in Steel Works" is an information-based software product developed based on"Integrated Sales-Quality-Production Management System" by Taiwan China Steel Corporation representing the best operational performance in global steel works over the years. Besides China Steel, such an information-based management system is further popularized in numerous steel works at home and abroad, for example, Baosteel Group Corporation, Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation, Benxi Iron & Steel (Group) Corporation and Ningbo Iron & Steel Corporation, Nanjing Iron & Steel United Corporation and other large- or medium-sized iron & steel corporations, and this management system and information-based application have been imported under different forms of projects implemented, with great success achieved.
In the past years of cooperation with steel users, we have gained "100% project success" and maximum satisfaction of clients, and all steel users can obtain authentic management performance from these projects implemented.
The following are several typical cases to witness these successful experiences: