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In today's low-profit competition, enterprises have to try to enhance the competitiveness while reduce the internal cost, to try to achieve sustainable growth through more competitive operating conditions. To consider the reduction of overall cost, information system operation outsourcing is a mature and feasible approach.

In the existing enterprise information operation environment, to cope with the rapid changes in business, the expected benefit can be achieved by combining variety of different technical approach. And these technological evolutions are very fast, to achieve the goal of complete self-handle, enterprises need to pay a high cost of manpower and training. Meanwhile, the person who in charge of these systems will often be hindered by sudden event, and therefore cannot focus on the planning of the corporate long-term IT goal.

Therefore, if companies hope their IT managers could take a higher level of strategic planning, and could also take into account of the routine IT operation and maintenance, partial IT operation outsourcing to external professional team is an effective and proper way.



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