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The life cycle of project development often encounters scope, cost and schedule out of control and human resources imbalance. If getting involved, software of InfoChamp Systems Corporation can greatly improve the content of controlling project, via accurate quantitative management so as to make human resources arrangement more flexible. As to project with short schedule, large amount of parallel development can be performed to reduce launch schedule of system effectively via special designs. Specialization division of work can enhance quality and transparency of development process, disclose risk early and take corresponding measures.
InfoChamp Systems Corporation has received CMMI ML4 accreditation and has strict requirements for software production process. Learning from a great deal of software projects in home and abroad whose development process is relatively demanding, we know that it is necessary to employ OEM software within our company. The result is that actually we have resolved control losing of projects and relevant human resources problems so that your company can benefit abundantly from our experience.

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