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Owing to the growth of the business, the information system for the enterprise is going to expand, and the architecture will be getting more complicated. The data and information in the enterprise, as the information of the clients, transactions, program source codes, policy of design, and the technical documents, will increase and grow up under the development of the enterprise, especially for the sensitivity and importance of these information.

Furthermore, the opportunity for the invasions and damage from Internet will be raised substantially, when the enterprise relies on the more utilization of Internet by the progress of network technology. Nowadays, the enterprise can not obtain great advantages without the convenience and business by network connections, so it is more and more important to face the challenges of the information security.

It is indicated by investigation reports, besides the invasions from Internet, more and more information security issues have occurred from inside rather than outside. More often we will meet the issues about the vicious damage from terminated employees, disclosure of sensitive data, inappropriate usage of network resources and other events. In addition to the challenges from Internet for the protections of the information security, the enterprise have to hold the education to the all employees about the information management and security.

Respecting the information issues above, the enterprise usually can not find the accurate policy to implement. When the enterprise asks for help from other software company who hopes to sell their own software, the enterprise may accept the incomplete solutions from others and lack s for the integrated considerations. Furthermore, most of reports and professional articles on information security lay an emphasis on the importance of information security, discussion of unitary technology or theoretical discussion and other superorganic direction of guidance. It may be very difficult for general enterprises to know how to start or to follow the implementation steps.

InfoChamp Systems Corporation has provided steel industry and the subsidiaries in China and Taiwan with various fundamental information infrastructure services, and found that the clients have the troubles with the information security issues, so this problem is multi-faceted and worldwide not only for one company. To overview the situation of the information security for the persons in charge or managers in the enterprise, and to implement the information security policy by the well-defined steps for the executors, InfoChamp Systems Corporation can provide the enterprises with an integrated policy and solution of information security, and anticipate to achieve the goal of overall designs and plans, which can bring the long-term and effective information security strategies to enterprises.


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China Steel Corporation, Dragon Steel Corporation, Chung Hung Steel Corporation, China Steel Express Corporation, China Steel Machinery Corporation, China Steel Global Trading Corporation, Yeun Chyang Stainless Steel Corporation, Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation, Benxi Iron & Steel Corporation, Nanjing Iron & Steel Corporation and the like. (Based on sequence of strokes)