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In allusion to information exchange and integration requirements of various heterogeneous systems inside and outside the enterprise, InfoChamp Systems Corporation provides initiative message exchange and integration platform to complete fast system integration of the enterprise, and enable elastic extension. The message exchange and integration platform enables easy setting of messages exchanged among systems, and full Web-based operation interface makes systems managers or internal users easily manage and inquire the message exchange status by browser.

With message exchange and integration platform solution, you can:

System Contents of Solutions
Features of message exchange and integration platform solutions include:


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With a great many implementation cases of system integration available, we can, based on your actual situations, lead your company to implement this solution fast and satisfy your demands, meantime, saving your time, energy and money.

Customer Cases
Nanjing Iron & Steel United Corporation-Nanjing Iron & Steel United Corporation successfully integrates the internally complicated heterogeneous system by means of the message exchange and integration platform while implemented ERP system developed by InfoChamp Systems Corporation. Implementation of the solution has brought many benefits to Nanjing Iron & Steel United Corporation, including automatic message exchange processing, improvement of message exchange speed, reduction of errors and improved data accuracy, thereby comprehensively improving the operational efficiency.