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E-sale provides rapid message exchange between enterprise and clients. Via E-sale, the enterprise can provide clients with products needed in no time, and clients can obtain real-time handling situation of products ordered. As to clients, real-time tracking of products is crucial for the following production or sales planning, which greatly ensure higher profits; to enterprise, this advantage also improves the standard of services provided. The E-commerce solutions we introduce basically consolidate the internal resources within the corporation, promote transactions, as well as encourage the business to discover potential demands.

With E-sale solution available, you can:

System Contents of Solutions
E-sale solutions include:


Import Solutions
we have established schemes suitable to the iron and steel industry. Based on the schemes and your assessment opinions, we can come up with E-sale solutions which can fulfill your requests as well as save great amount of time and money while demand little time to implement.

Customer Cases

NanJing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. has executed E-sale projects supplied by InfoChamp Systems Corporation and efficiency of trading with clients has been improved and inventory pressure has been reduced significantly. The clients have obtained situation of order execution via E-sale easily so that the clients' satisfaction has been improved. E-sale implementation has also brought profits to NanJing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. as well as its valuable clients whose loyalty to NanJing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. has thus been reinforced.