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TPMS provides complete solution suitable to enterprise project management so as to improve corresponding performance of the enterprise. In portrait orientation, TPMS performs comprehensive management of project cost, progress, safety and quality. In landscape orientation, TPMS can include various operations of project assessment phase, execution phase and post-assessment phase. Various management requirements of individual project can be satisfied by using TPMS system.
TPMS can be even used in common project management activities of non-engineering constructions to establish information system suitable to PMBOK and provide capacity of project management for enterprise research, software establishment and various projects.
Not only can TPMS focus on performance of single project, but also focus on improving maturity level of enterprise's project management. Considering functions of enterprise project office, TPMS can provide interfaces of various standard processes and documents so as to implement project management system, establish project graphic and document mechanism and perform centralized management and control of various management indicators so as to make enterprise comprehensively improve project management capacity of various organizations, assist you to manage various types of projects and improve comprehensive performance of project management.

With TPMS solution available, you can:

System Contents of Solutions
Different from other solutions on the market, TPMS can provide you with comprehensive and life-cycle project management process. The solution includes:


Import Solutions
we have established trial platform and enterprise trial schemes, which is good for your company to experience basic function frame of TPMS solution. Also we provide enterprise with fast importing scheme and proper module suggestion after discussion with your company, which is good for your company to quickly import TPMS solution.
if you want to participate in TPMS trial scheme or you are interested in fast importing scheme, please contact with InfoChamp Systems Corporation or its partners. We will provide fastest experience and provide software and hardware solutions of pre-installation based on your requirements.

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