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Based on the understanding of client's use cases, eMOS can satisfy combined enterprise-exclusive demand functions: selectable to be used for management objects, such as production equipment, public and auxiliary facilities, transport equipment, measuring equipment, special equipment, house building or components; selectable to utilize inspection, maintenance, overhaul, verification and other management functions, or selectable to be integrated with inventory, procurement and accounting functions.
In eMOS solution also provides peripheral integration application module while excluding integration of fixed assets management, procurement management, inventory management, account payable management and general ledger accountancy management. Besides, modules are provided, such as regional warehouse management, oil tank inspection management, outsourcing management, expense management, line stoppage management and equipment failure management so as to form configurable solution applicable to various enterprises, which can assist you to manage operation management of various types of equipments and improve comprehensive performance of equipment management.

With eMOS solution available, you can:

System Contents of Solutions
Varying from other solutions on the market, eMOS can provide you with suitable equipment management process via flexible combination. The solution includes:


Import Solutions
we have established trial platform and enterprise trial schemes, which is good for your company to experience basic function frame of eMOS equipment management. Also we provide enterprise with fast importing solution and proper module suggestion after discussion with your company, which is good for your company to quickly import eMOS equipment management solution.
if you want to participate in eMOS trial scheme or you are interested in fast importing scheme, please contact with InfoChamp Systems Corporation or its partners. We will provide fastest experience and provide software and hardware solutions of pre-installation based on your requirements.

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