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All-weather, all-round and high efficiency service is available, which is absolutely the best appeal for security enterprises to attract clients; how to replace Great Leap Forward by the scientific and technological management system and assist the enterprise to attain such high-quality service is of significant importance. Especially for diverse security operations from retailed clients, client management and receivables management count. It is of importance how to achieve perfect service by obtaining different individual demands rapidly through classified management, and continue clients and order information, through conclusion of accounting rules, automatic generation of payments to further assist tracking. Hence, besides more effective management, the enterprise image shall be improved to further achieve the integrated marketing in service industry.

Following the good traditional faith of "Information Integration" in solutions of InfoChamp Systems Corporation, which not only keeps internal and external information transmission and interaction more smooth, but improves efficiency and save much labor cost. In addition to this, a set of standard data exchange integration management with banks is further developed to set up an open and transparent information sharing channel to perform automatic tracking in a way of high efficiency and low cost and provide early warning information.

Solutions and Characteristics
The main theme of e-integrated solution in the enterprise lies in it covers all business behaviors, activities inside the enterprise, necessary management information is provided by operating the automation system to improve the overall competitiveness of the enterprise, and make the business development into business rationalization, computerized management, aboard automation and standard operation.

Industrial Application and Successful Cases