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In international trade, how to control production schedule, logistics arrangement as well as client credit and cost is of important significance, owing to the complicated processing programs, complex export documents and high repeatability in the whole international trade, international trade system assists you in the most precise and convenient international trade through tightly combined production & marketing, logistics and finance, being the management system with the shortest time spent, fewest labors and most complete information.

With international trade solutions available, you can:

System Contents of Solutions
Different from other solutions on market available, international trade assists you in managing the most important process by an integrated solution, including:


Import Solutions
In allusion to order receiving, production, finished products warehousing, delivery release, shipment , sales settlement and receivables, a set of integrated information system penetrating operation, production, delivery, settlement and other mainline processes is established to lay a solid foundation of scientific and data-based enterprise management. The import system falls into marketing management, quality management, production management, financial and cost management, and information operating management, specifically classified as follows:

Customer Cases
Yung Kuang Hwa Metal Industrial Corporation, with head office located in Taipei, includes operation, finance, administration and other divisions. Steel plate and steel structure plants, belonging to production department, are located in Pingzhen Industrial Park in Taoyuan. Import production & marketing system breaks through the regional restrictions among sales, order receiving and workshop production by Internet, which has achieved information acquisition and entry at source, real-time grasp of actual production performance, coordination and cooperation between marketing and production departments, and lays down correlative documents precisely by means of complete process system for export sales, to further decrease the substantial expenditure on labors.