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Integration of shipping-related management information includes records of voyage revenue estimate prior to voyage, all data management during voyage, settlements of rental, freight, rapid delay charges, as well as all result statements available after the voyage. In addition, basic management on shipping service is enhanced, ship-shore operations are integrated, active information notification is provided, and all voyage information is retained to realize seamless management. Manual operations of operators are expected to be simplified at the same time to accomplish shipping tasks more effectively.

At the beginning of development of shipping management module, the following problems are usually encountered:

Adhering to the spirits of overcoming the problems above in an assistance way, InfoChamp Systems Corporation develops the system and forms characteristics of system development gradually in compliance with the following principles:

Solutions and Characteristics
The main theme of e-integrated solution in the enterprise lies in it covers all business behaviors, activities inside the enterprise, necessary management information is provided by operating the automation system to improve the overall competitiveness of the enterprise, and make the business development into business rationalization, computerized management, aboard automation and standard operation.

Industrial Applications and Successful Cases