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Service industry is characterized by intangibility and individual differences, and for public transportation enterprises, customer's feeling is of particular significance in the service process; therefore, consideration of decreasing service heterogeneity of passengers by different service staff, increasing the service speed, shortening the waiting time of passengers and simplifying the operation process of receptionists during the information development can avoid artificial errors, accelerate the service speed, and reduce the waiting time; furthermore, intangible service can be converted into tangible experience, to further improve the enterprise image and achieve integrated marketing of the service industry.

Adhering to beliefs of "Business Automation" and "Information Integration" , with comprehensive and online processing in real time, dynamic and real-time collection of transactions at source, Each transaction is limited to collect once, making full use of diagnostic design to avoid input of wrong data, and enhanced tightness with coordinating provisions, to correctly inform the public of up-to-date information for the enhancement of integrated image.

On the other hand, system-covered business fully by completely-scheduled information system and standard integration data exchange format to achieve the synchronous information flow and material flow, and accelerate the internal and external information transmission and interaction. To established open and transparent information sharing channel that could be improved the information value; and further, through by the high efficiency and the low cost way achieves the automatic tracking , and provide early warning information.

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