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Adhering to industrial informationization experience of parent firm (China Steel Corporation) for over 40 years, i-SEAS solution of InfoChamp Systems Corporation is a Web-based ERP system developed by a tough-minded technical team with the latest JAVA technology, in addition to new information system concept. It seeks for integration of resources in the enterprise, and pays more attention to dynamic linkage with virtual organizations. Timely integration of internal data as well as integration and sharing of external and internal data are required to develop into a collaborated operating environment giving priority to network connection and integration, as well as integration with supply chain management and client relation management. With i-SEAS solution available for InfoChamp Systems Corporation, the enterprise will be provided with integrated information system in an all-round way, laying a solid foundation and providing a weapon to success in enterprise extension and global competition in response to market changes.

With i-SEAS solution available, you can:

System Contents of Solutions
Different from other solutions on the market available, i-SEAS assists you in managing the most important process by an integrated solution, including:


Import Solutions
InfoChamp Systems Corporation provides two service modes of information service, i.e. "import projects" and "development projects" available, and i-SEAS solution is successfully introduced in non-ferrous metal industry. The import process is pursuant to "Project Management Procedure of InfoChamp Systems Corporation" , which is in compliance with CMMI Level 4. InfoChamp Systems Corporation, now an international certification manufacturer of CMMI Level 4, is heading toward international certification Level 5.
Import project: as per the overview demands from clients, InfoChamp Systems Corporation provides an information system which has been configured ahead of time, to provide the client with an information system available rapidly.
Development project: pursuant to operation programs in all stages, for example, "import plan" , "demand analysis" , "solution planning" , "solution configuration" , "integrated test" and "system live" , a fully customized information system is available, with longer configuration time, but in full conformity with special demands of the clients.

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