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InfoChamp Systems Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Steel Corporation, established in the year 2000, one of the main purposes of its establishment is hoping to promote the tens-years experience of China Steel Corporation in the construction of computerized management to the domestic relevant steel industries, and to assist the downstream processing industries in enhancing the work efficiency, and then further integrate the supply chain systems of the upstream and downstream in the domestic steel industry, enhancing the overall competitiveness of the steel industry.
Since the establishment of the company, it was actively involved in the computerized construction works for dozens of domestic iron and steel processing companies, and the industries involved include the cutting, steel, tubulation, electrical towers, etc ..., through accumulating a ten years or more of work experience, the Company not only has a number of professional computerization talents of the steel industry, and also accumulated and absorbed the strengths of each company's management, as well as to assembly integrated computerized solutions (i-MEAS) suitable for the domestic iron and steel processing industry by productization, and the ranges it is involved covers business sales, production management, purchasing and storage and transportation, accounting costs and so on.

General steel processing industries are provided with the characteristics described in the following figure:

With i-MEAS solution available, you can:

System Contents of Solutions
Unlike other solutions on the market, i-MEAS help you with an integrated solution for managing the most important processes. The Solutions include:


Import Solutions
We have built the program for steel enterprises, specialized in the design for guiding your company to move quickly forward.
Through the quickly import program, you can quickly evaluate and acquire and build your i-MEAS solutions while saving time, effort and money. InfoChamp Systems Corporation has completed all the hard works, our business partners will provide you with pre-configured and pre-installed software and hardware solutions.

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