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i-SEAS of InfoChamp Systems Corporation is the Web-based EPR system that we have developed for more than forty years, starting from our mother company (China Steel Corporation). i-SEAS adopt up-to-date JAVA technology and latest management theory with strong developing team.
i-SEAS not only pays attention to enterprise inner resource integration but also lays stress on dynamic link of virtual organization. It provides a collaboration platform for the supply chain management and customer relationship management.
With i-SEAS of InfoChamp Systems Corporation, your enterprise will has a firm foundation and a magic weapon that the enterprise can suit the dynamic market quickly, and global expansion easily.

With i-SEAS solution available, you can:

System Contents of Solutions
Unlike other solutions in the market, i-SEAS can help you manage the most important procedures as an integrated solution, which includes:


Import Solutions
InfoChamp Systems Corporation provides two kinds of information service modes, which are import item and development item, to import i-SEAS solution to iron and steel enterprises. The importing is based on InfoChamp Systems Corporation project management and conforms to CMMI Level 4 project management. InfoChamp Systems Corporation is the international CMMI Level 4 authenticated firm and are striding forward international Lever 5 authentication.
Special importing scheme: InfoChamp Systems Corporation provides the information system on fulfillment of preconfiguration according to the requirements of customers and quickly provides customers with useful information systems.

Development item: It can provide fully customized information system according to operating procedures of various phases such as importing scheme, requirement analysis, solution plan, solution construction, integral test and system onling. Though construction time is long, it can fully meet the special requirements of clients.

Customer Cases